Oriental Dream vol.4 has cancelled.



Oriental Dream vol.4 has cancelled.

Dear students,

Oriental Dream vol.4 April 8th-13th(Guest:Alla Kushnir & Isaam Houshan) has cancelled.

On the day Alla Kushnir was scheduled to arrive Japan, she did not show up at the airport.
We tried to contact her every possible ways, however we could not contact her at all.
Finally her manager could contact Alla and she found out that Alla was in Egypt.
After a day, Alla sent us an email says she cannot manage to come to Japan, but she explains nothing.
We are very shocked for what is happening and we are still waiting for her explanation.

For students who registered for Alla’s workshop, we are deeply apologize for this cancellation.
Refunds will be issued soon, please wait for us to contact you.
And we deeply apologize Issam Houshan for this cancellation.

If you have any questions, please contact info@lahabana.co.jp

Hermes Dance Company